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Pembrokeshire Coast

After finally heading down to the beautiful South Wales Pembrokeshire Coast, Josh shares a few tips on where to visit with stunning towns, beaches and coastal walks!

Starting the trip off on the far West side my first port of call was Three Cliffs Bay, this large sandy beach is great for anyone who wants to lounge about with a bit of space from other holiday go-ers! If you don't like spending the full day on a beach don't worry, there's plenty more to see. With a small arch cave, beautiful coastal walks and the ruins of a castle overlooking the sea it's great for walking routes.

Moving further West is the small fishing village of Tenby, this is a MUST visit if you are nearby! The village is absolutely beautiful, with its beachfront coloured houses, clear sea and wonderful beach. Inside the village there are plenty of options for food and little shops to browse in, I would recommend visiting Harbwr Tenby Brewery and grabbing a seat in the gorgeous little alley pictured right. If you are looking for tasty beers to take along to the beach with you, check out Raven Hill with plenty of different flavours to choose from!

If you are looking for cool landscapes the next part is just for you! Further down West you will find Shrink Haven Beach and Church Door Cove, the beach is amazing but be aware of tide times as access can get cut off! Church Door is right next to the beach on a small pebble cove, the 'door shaped' arch in the cliff is a spectacular site definitely worth visiting if you are passing by!

For more beautiful coastal walks head further west to St. Govan's Head, here you'll find an amazing landscape as well as a little chapel on the cliffside looking out onto the open sea! As well as Hunstman's Leap (Below Right). Be aware, this spot as well as the next one involve driving through active military firing ranges so check online to make sure access is open before heading over!

One of the major attractions to the Pembrokeshire Coast is the Green Bridge of Wales, an absolutely magnificent coastal arch. There is a route from St. Govan's but this is quite a distance away so we drove over. Next to this arch you will also find Elegug Stacks and the Cauldron.

The final part of out journey took us North just outside of Pembrokeshire to Tresaith Beach, here you will find a gorgeous waterfall on the beachfront cliff. I didn't get enough time to visit all of the amazing spots down there so an updated blog will hopefully come soon after my next visit!

To learn more about Josh adventures and get tips for your next adventure visit his blog or Instagram: @yorkshire_adventurer

Grab some Raven Hills, and of course remember to tag @ravenhillbrew on Instagram and Facebook!

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Jul 22, 2022


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