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For Sale - 200 / 400 litre  Brewery

Originally used to brew Raven Hill keg, cask and bottle beer when we started in 2018. We've brewed some awesome beer and had lots of great feedback from beers brewed on this kit, but have not used it for sometime. This makes for a fully functional system for someone getting going with brewing on a budget, or alternatively the kit could be used as a pilot plant for a larger brewery.



200 / 400litre (1 to 2.5bbl) Brewery System

  • 2 x 350 litre Grundy tanks

  • 3 x 200l Brew Builder System; Mash tun, kettle & HLT 

  • 2 x 400 litre open top fermentation tanks

  • Ebara EBARA CDXHM 70/05 240V Centrifugal Pump

  • underback, temp control, tank heaters, pipes, Saccharometers, chiller, heat ex

Combined offer of £4,500

*Price is ex works and ex VAT


Please contact Mark Savile for further info:


Company number 11281681

Raven Hill - Colour Logo - No Strap - Screen - Transparent.png
Fermentation tanks 2x 2.5bbl Grundys - pic2.jpg
Brew system 200litre HLT, MASH, KETTLE.jpg
Fermentation tanks 2x 2.5bbl Grundys.jpg
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