Rugged Foundations

After starting his career as a chemist and working in the malt and agricultural industry for over 10yrs, our founder, Mark, decided to combine his love of adventure and brewing (and of course, beer as well!) to found Raven Hill.  The brewery started life in a milk dairy on our family farm, tucked away on a hill top in the Yorkshire wolds.  And so a lengthy process of product creation began!   


The aim was to recreate the delightful feeling of taking that first sip of beer after a day of exhilarating yet exhausting adventure, whether that be hiking, biking, or whatever your own adventure may be.  Fixated on producing the most refreshing, best quality beers designed to be consumed after a day of exploring. 


 Now, 2yrs since production started, we're proud to say Raven Hill is available in pubs and bars across the North of England, and we've launched a small range of cans that can be found in numerous shops, as well as on our website.  We've outgrown the milk dairy and produce bigger quantities of our recipes at larger nearby sites, but the milk dairy is still used for many of our batches and product development, which continues to be a focus as we strive to widen our range of refreshing beers for adventurers. 

Helping our customers celebrate their adventures has become our mission, so we're also teaming up with other brands with similar values to ours, so we can bring adventure to life through events and sponsorships, and we'll be making sure we're sweating and celebrating alongside you at the end of the day!  


We're excited about the future of Raven Hill and how we can work with our customers to make a positive difference in a way that they best see fit, so if you have any feedback or ideas, we'd love to hear from you (! And if anyone has Elon Musk's phone number, let us know ...surely there is nothing more adventurous than being the first beer to be drunk on Mars?!)

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